St. Mary´s CE (A) First School

Learning to love, loving to learn
About The School

Our Christian vision is at the heart of everything we do in school and is central to our relationship with our children’s families and the wider community. It has its basis in ‘The Good Samaritan’. The roots of our vision are embedded in love and respect, our core Christian values. From this central premise; that everyone is loved by God and that we should love one another, we enable our children to show love and respect for themselves, others and God’s creation.

The school places the story of The Good Samaritan at the heart of everything we do.  As you walk around the school you may hear children talk about how they are showing respect for others, and they take every opportunity to show love and respect using the story as their starting point.  The school enjoys taking part in community activities and has strong links with The Heath Community Centre, Uttoxeter in Bloom, Uttoxeter Lions and any events which pop up in our community.  Our strong community links extend to our families for Church services, celebration assembly, as well as Messy Church.



St Mary's has two separate buildings. The upper building consists of the offices, the hall, the kitchen, various smaller intervention spaces, classrooms for Giraffes, Crocodiles, Leopards, Tigers and Zebras.  The lower building consists of the Nursery (see the Penguin page for more information), the Staffroom, Library, classrooms for Bears, Red Ladybirds and Yellow Ladybirds.

There is one main playground for Key Stage 1 and 2.  Reception and Nursery have their own outdoor play areas.  There is ramp access to both buildings as well as disabled toilet facilities in both buildings.

If you would like to apply for a place for your child at St Mary's then please contact the school office on 01889 228730, or alternitively you can contact admissions at Staffordshire County Council.  The link to their website is on the 'useful information' page.


Learning and Teaching

Our Early Years comprises our nursery (Penguins) and our Reception classes (Yellow and Red Ladybirds) where children learn through experience and play. The Foundation Stage curriculum is delivered through a variety of exciting learning opportunities, using stories and topics which reflect the interests of the children. Skills and concepts are taught practically and children are encouraged to apply their skills in a variety of adult led and child initiated activities that take place within the foundation stage classrooms and outdoor area.

At St Mary’s CE (A) First School we believe that every child is a unique individual.  We aim to develop them both as learners and as individuals, through a wide and varied curriculum. In Key Stages 1 and 2, the school philosophy continues to prioritize the development of skills and concepts. A broad and balanced curriculum is planned and taught in line with National Curriculum requirements. The National Curriculum is taught throughout the school and underpins our creative curriculum, which secures for all our children an entitlement to learn in a variety of ways.  We place great emphasis on first hand experiences and learning beyond the classroom that embraces a variety of teaching and learning styles.  The children are encouraged through hands on experience, to develop their skills and talent.

Great importance is placed on developing the key skills for future learning.  We believe it is vital to equip our children to participate in a rapidly changing technological society.  So all our children have access to our computer suite, laptops, iPads and interactive whiteboards to further enhance their learning and develop their computing skills of exploration, analysing and problem solving.

Relationship education is taught in all Key Stages following the new RSE curriculum

St. Mary's is an inclusive school and we identify whole school, group and individual needs. All children have the same right of access to an education which offers equal opportunities to all. Parents of children with identified "Special Educational Needs and Disabilities" are consulted at various stages of the assessment procedure and their provision map provides an overview of any intervention or specialised teaching they may require.  


RE and Worship

As an Aided Church School we have close links with the local Parish Church. We hold some of our Worship times in St. Mary's Church in Uttoxeter town centre.  A daily act of worship is held in school with a Christian focus. We use the Diocesan RE syllabus which informs children of other religious beliefs and practices in addition to Christianity. We aim to encourage children to:

  • become aware of their own spirituality and awareness of God and be able to express and explain their own beliefs.
  • support the development of a social and moral code of behaviour in the context of the Christian faith through consistent application of learning.

School Council

We encourage children's involvement in the life of the school. Representatives from each class are elected to discuss issues including school rules and behaviour, uniform, healthy eating and the school grounds. They are also included in interview panels for some staff positions within the school.


Enrichment Activities and Extended Opportunities

Enrichment activities are built in to the planning over the year to support and enhance our curriculum. Included in these activities are ones which will support the growing awareness and understanding of cultural diversity, sport, the creative arts, literature and science.

Throughout the school children learn to play percussion instruments, the violin and singing through the involvement of a music teacher from Entrust Music Service.

The school offers a variety of clubs both during the school day and after school. Each Friday afternoon, children enjoy opportunities for art, craft, construction, TT rockstars, gardening and sport.  Our after school clubs offer sing & sign, yoga, football, dodgeball, archery, intervention games, art and craft and conquerors (fun and games with a Christian theme)


Home School Partnership


We all value and appreciate practical help from parents and friends during school sessions. Please tell the Headteacher or class teacher if you can give some of your time as a volunteer at our school.  You will be required to undergo clearance through the DBS system.  Please contact the School office for more information.    

Family Learning Events

Throughout the year there are a number of events arranged for parents to come into school to find out more about the teaching and learning in school and the expectations in the classroom.  When these are organised during the school day each child can invite one adult family member to work with them on a range of activities to support particular areas of the curriculum. Details of all future events planned for this year can also be found on the school newsletter, produced weekly for parents and carers.   The activities are always well-received by the families and children and provide another opportunity to keep families informed about the school.

Celebration Assembly

Parents/carers are invited to Celebration Worship on a Friday.  The door at the back of the Hall will be open at 2.50pm, you will need to sign in, then take a seat. The whole school gathers together for a celebration of the children’s achievements both in and out of school.  The worship then ends with a song and a prayer.

The partnership between home and school is the foundation of your child's education and as a school we are constantly looking for ways to improve and develop this two-way relationship.

Parental support at home enhances children's learning. We do send formal work home but would encourage parents to attend meetings and talk to class teachers on other practical ways to help your child's learning.

Agreeing to and supporting the school's Restorative Practice & Behaviour policy is vitally important. We teach children to love and respect other people and the environment and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions and understand that there are consequences to those actions.

As a school we welcome your involvement in the life of the school in a variety of ways. These include: Attending parent consultations, class and school worship, concerts and plays, sports day, open days, coffee mornings, workshops.

Joining or supporting the PTFA (Parent, Teacher, Friend Association)

Becoming a School Governor

Volunteering time to help in school


Health Promoting Schools

The school ethos promotes mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing as a priority learning target in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. In support of Health and Well-being:

  • we are working with the East Staffordshire Sports Council developing PE and Extended local sports provision
  • we plan visits from external professionals to support learning
  • we ensure the food and drink available during the school day reinforces a healthy lifestyle
  • we include emotional literacy in our planning as a way of promoting a positive learning environment
  • we work hard to encourage the development of self-esteem and self-worth in children, staff and parents.

Administration Issues

School Day - Doors open from 8.45am - 8.55am.  School finishes at 3.30pm

Dinnertime - 12pm - 12.30pm (Nursery).  12pm - 1pm (Ladybirds)  12.15pm - 1.15pm (Key Stage One and Key Stage Two).

All money to be paid through Parent Pay - uniform, school dinners, trips, breakfast and after school club fees etc

The menu choice is provided by Aspens and appears weekly on the School Newsletter.

Absence from school

  • Illness - Please contact the school office, via telephone or email, on the first day of absence.  If the absence continues, we will call you as a 'safe and well' check.
  • Medical appointments - It is advised that dentist appointments should be made for school holidays or at the end of the school day wherever possible.  However, hospital appointments cannot always be arranged.  Please let the office know if your child has an appointment in school time.
  • Holidays – the Head Teacher may only authorise a holiday during term time under very exceptional circumstances. Therefore it is extremely rare that authorisation would be provided for a family holiday during school time.
  • Lateness - A child arriving after 8.55 must come into school through the office as we need to register them for attendance and also for a school meal. Registers close at 9.15am and any absence will be recorded as an unauthorised late absence after this time.