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The Church is not the building, it is not the services; but the Body of Christ are the people of God.

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Our school curriculum has placed great emphasis on children asking good questions and exploring their learning further.

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Welcome to our school......

Welcome to St Mary’s and to our lovely school community. I am Jo Moult and I am truly blessed to be the Head Teacher and to work alongside such fantastic staff, children and families.

Our Christian vision is at the heart of everything we do in school and is central to our relationship with our children, their families and the wider community. It has its basis in ‘The Good Samaritan’. The roots of our school vision are embedded in our ethos of love and respect, which are our core Christian values. From this central premise; that everyone is loved by God and that we should love one another, we enable our children to show love and respect for themselves, others and God’s creation.  We pride ourselves on our inclusive nature and we tailor learning to meet the needs of all our children. 

Our school vision is to provide all our children with the best opportunities to become life-long learners, to develop their understanding and knowledge and to enjoy a successful life in school and in their future. We deliver a curriculum which is engaging, enjoyable, and builds on prior learning and we provide wider opportunities to learn, going above and beyond the curriculum.  

Our Mission Statement is "Learning to Love, Loving to Learn" in a safe and happy Christian environment.

Please visit our Facebook page to see how our vision, values and ethos are embedded in to everything we do.

@St Mary's First School - Uttoxeter

We also enjoy outdoor learning on The Croft on the Heath - this is  also a place for our community to enjoy too.  Please visit our Facebook page....

@The Croft on the Heath