Online Admissions

Parents should contact Staffordshire County Council (Local Authority) to find out about our admission arrangements (website link below).   Parents will be able to make their middle school applications online from November, every year for the following September’s intake.   First school applications can be made online from November to January, every year for that year’s September intake.    Further details and actual dates are available on the Staffordshire County Council website.

In-School Admissions

Applications for Nursery places can be made at any time of the year, by contacting the Office Manager.

Admissions to Nursery

St Mary's CE(A) First School is responsible for managing its own admissions to the school’s nursery setting. Children can be admitted when they turn 3 years old, however, the 15 hours government funding is only available in the term after they are 3 years old.  All nursery aged children are entitled to 15 hours a week funded learning and care in an early years’ setting from the start of the term following their third birthday. If eligible, working parents may be entitled to 30 hours funded childcare.  Our sessions are Monday to Friday 9.00am to 3.30pm. 

Parents can check their eligibility for 30 hour funding via  

Admissions to Reception year group in September each year

Admissions are open to children who have their 4th birthday between 1st September and 31st August in the previous academic year. Parents who would like their child to be allocated a Reception place at St Mary's CE(A) First School must complete an online application form on the Staffordshire County Council Admissions website within the given timescales.

Applications will be accepted for all eligible pupils up to the school’s planned admissions number (PAN). This is currently 45. If the number of applicants exceeds the PAN the available places will be allocated according to the Local Authority’s admissions criteria.

Any parent whose child is not allocated a place is entitled to appeal to the Local Authority.

Admissions to other year groups at all times or to Reception at any other time than 1st September

Pupils will be accepted in every year group where there is a place available.  We actively welcome in-year admissions if there is a place within the required year group.  If you are considering an in-year change of school for your child please contact the office to arrange a visit, to meet the staff and pupils and to have a look around.  Once a decision has been made, and the necessary forms completed, a move can be arranged very quickly, should you wish, as well as a transition/familiarisation visit for your child.

Any parent/carer whose child is not allocated a place is entitled to appeal to the LEA.

If a year group is full, an application could still be accepted by the Governors providing that existing legislation and LEA guidelines are met, and that the education of the other pupils in school would not be adversely affected.

Equal Opportunities

Applications for places in school will be considered regardless of the gender, ethnicity, culture, religion, language, sexual orientation, ability, disability or social circumstances of either prospective pupil or parent.

Admission Appeals

Reception places for September 2025 – National Offer Day is 16th April 2024.  For further information, please visit SCC web-pages; Admission Appeals – Staffordshire County Council


Admissions Policy