The Croft on the Heath News......

This week, we have had Bee Week - learning all about bees through science, art, craft, willow weaving and forest school - a great fun week, with abundant knowledge gathering!

In April, our Year 4 children became cartographers, and used their mapping skills on The Croft - geographers in the making!



In February, we had Space Camp - a fabulous week of activities promoting the solar system. Children and their families joined together every evening to make moonrock, design constellations, gaze at the stars using telescopes, binoculars and stargazing apps. Despite the weather, everyone had a fabulous time, and our Year 4 children had the opportunity to sleep over in the Hall, in their own exciting Space Camp Sleepover!

This is what our families thought about Space Camp......

"What an amazing experience for them all, so magical" "Thank you so much for giving our children such an amazing opportunity, it was emotional seeing it last night" "It has been an amazing week, what lucky children." "Thankyou, what special memories they have"


The Croft on the Heath is a fantastic outdoor learning area in the style of a ‘forest school’ using the playing field we have behind our school.

It is for our children to use and is also available for local community groups to use too. This project development was inspired and led by Nicky Malkin (Science Lead Teacher) alongside Jo Moult (Headteacher). The project cost in the region of £18,000, and the money was raised by local businesses, funding grants and the kindness and generosity of our families and our local community, who showed incredible support and stamina over the last 12 months as the Croft was being developed.

Please follow us @The Croft on the Heath on Facebook - and you can see how this little idea became a huge, exciting reality.

If you are interested in helping in any way please contact:

We look forward to bringing the local community together to enjoy outdoor learning and fun!