St. Mary´s CE (A) First School

Learning to love, loving to learn
Yellow Ladybirds

Welcome to Yellow Ladybirds

The Teacher is Mrs Gribbon
The Teaching Assistants are Mrs Gear and Miss Moult

It is lots of fun in Ladybirds - playing with friends, learning lots of new things like phonics, maths and all about our lovely world.  We play inside and outside and love to read stories and pretend in our role play areas.

As our new children settle into life at St Mary’s we support them to become independent learners and develop their personal and social skills. We love to be kind and helpful, just like the Good Samaritan - who we will learn about in the next few weeks.

Soon we will send home......

* Homework Packets which will have something different in each week - games, activities, letters/sounds, words, reading books, KIRFs and spellings (when your chid is ready). Please make sure that your child's homework packet comes to school with them every day.       

Please remember to sign and comment in your child's home-school diary.

Phonics is learning about letters and sounds and how they are blended together to read words.  We use Twinkl phonics to help us learn. We don't teach the sounds in alphabetical order, we teach them in an order where they can be blended together to make words as soon as they are learned. We have a phonics session every day and your child will start to bring home sounds to practise and games to play which will help them learn.

Writing is encouraged every day and all writing is praised, even if it looks squiggly!  We are listening carefully to sounds and stretching the words so we can hear every sound.  When we write the words, we are trying hard to remember finger spaces and full stops.

Maths - We are practising counting to 10, 20 and beyond, and learning to recognise numbers and put them in the correct order.  We encourage sorting and counting throughout our play and always look for ways to challenge the children through questions like...... - "can you add one more, how many now?  take one away?  how many altogether?" etc. We are counting in twos and learning doubles.

PE - This will be on a Thursday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit, trainers and school jumper/cardigan. If it is cold please send them in warm clothes e.g. jogging bottoms/leggings as PE will sometimes will be outside.

Stay & Play Sessions: