St. Mary´s CE (A) First School

Learning to love, loving to learn
Ethos, Vision and Values


Our Christian vision is at the heart of everything we do in school and is central to our relationship with our children’s families and the wider community. It has its basis in ‘The Good Samaritan’. The roots of our vision are embedded in love and respect, our core Christian values. From this central premise; that everyone is loved by God and that we should love one another, we enable our children to show love and respect for themselves, others and God’s creation.

The children learn to support one another while learning and during play, they are taught to look out for one another and to develop a sense of community, a sense of being a good neighbour.

It is not only in our school community where our children show love and respect. They work hard to support the local community in which they live, such as decorating the local train station with their art work, singing at the Town Hall during Uttoxeter Together, or taking part in Uttoxeter in Bloom to celebrate our wonderful world.  

As our children grow up, we want them to use their strong foundations to enable them to flourish as adults, looking at how they can support their neighbours, showing love and respect in their actions.  As our children grow up and become adults we hope they will continue to support their neighbours, whoever they may be.  Our strong sense of purpose which underpins all that we do is not just for while the children are at our school, but it is for life.

With the support of our families and the wider community, our children show they are truly Good Samaritans and this can clearly be demonstrated in some of the activities the children are engaged in outside of school, supporting charity events and working closely with a school in Kenya.

Ethos Statement

The Governors of St Mary’s Church of England First School with support from the staff and parents have developed the following statement on which to base all practice in the school. The teaching found in the Bible forms the basis of our Christian belief in accordance with the principles of the Church at Parish and Diocesan level. 



  • If God is everywhere, and only has to be looked for, then we must help children to look.
  • If God lives wherever man will let Him in, then we must help them to find Him and, if they wish, let Him in.

The school aims to provide:

1. An education of the highest quality within the context of these Christian beliefs and practice, developing a positive attitude to life-long learning.  

2. A stimulating, encouraging, safe environment for children and staff.To meet these aims we are looking to enable our children to:-

  • Show love, care and respect for themselves, others and all God’s creation
  • Develop good relationships with others, learning to work co-operatively together, offering praise when deserved and support when needed.
  • Show respect for those who have different ideas, beliefs and traditions
  • Be open and honest in their life, giving and gaining trust
  • Develop an understanding of both their own strengths and their areas for development whilst being aware of their own and other’s health and well being.
  • Learn how to be patient and persevere when life presents them with a challenge
  • To strive to attain their dreams and ambitions, showing courage and fortitude

We are also looking to enable and encourage parents and carers to support their child’s development by:-

·Ensuring that their child attends school regularly and arrives on time
·Playing an active part in their child’s educational progress and social and emotional development


School policy documents and statements will be available to all parents to explain school practices, beliefs and expectations.  Opportunities will be provided for parents to be involved in discussing these documents.


And above all to do this with a positive and happy attitude,

in the Joy of the Lord.